Preparation of the Twelfth Plan

  1. The top-down and bottom-up approaches are used to prepare the Twelfth Plan.

  2. The top-down approach begins with the preparation of the macroeconomic framework by the central agencies, including EPU, MOF and BNM. As the agency responsible for preparing the Twelfth Plan, EPU coordinates and recommends the macroeconomic targets as well as publishes the Twelfth Plan guidelines for the reference of all ministries and agencies.

  3. The bottom-up approach begins after the ministries and agencies receives the guidelines and submits the proposed development programmes and projects to EPU that is aligned with the objectives of the Twelfth Plan.

  4. The Plan was formulated based on extensive engagement sessions with various stakeholders, including ministries, state governments, the private sector and civil society organisations (CSOs), as well as online engagement sessions with the general public. To obtain and coordinate feedback from all parties, the Inter-Agency Planning Groups (IAPGs), Technical Working Groups (TWGs) and Focus Groups (FGs) have been established. EPU serves as the Chairperson and Secretariat for each IAPG. Representatives of the private sector and civil society are also members of the relevant IAPGs/TWGs/FGs. In this regard, the feedback from all stakeholders was taken into consideration, through the establishment of 13 IAPGs, 46 TWGs and more than 190 FGs.

  5. EPU then brings the proposed main development policies and programmes to the National Development Planning Committee (JPPN), the highest-ranked committee among government officials, chaired by the Chief Secretary to the Government, before it is submitted to the Special Committee of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. Finally, these development policies and programmes are then tabled in Parliament by the Prime Minister.

  6. Taking into account the current situation, the drafting of the Twelfth Plan is the most challenging compared to the previous five-year plans. The preparation of the Twelfth Plan began since 16 April 2019. The tabling of the Twelfth Plan in Parliament has been postponed four times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has enabled EPU to conduct more engagement sessions with the stakeholders. The Twelfth Plan is expected to be tabled in Parliament on 27 September 2021.

Road to Twelfth Plan

About Twelfth Plan

  1. The year 2021 is the first year of the Twelfth Malaysia Plan (Twelfth Plan). The preparation of the Twelfth Plan is very challenging due to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the economic and global trade uncertainties. The Twelfth Plan will be tabled in Parliament on 27th September 2021.

  2. The Twelfth Plan is the final part of the national recovery plan under the 6R approach, namely reform. This is to ensure that Malaysia is on a strong footing in not only addressing socioeconomic issues and challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic but also in achieving sustainable long-term economic growth.

  3. The policies and strategies to be introduced under the Twelfth Plan reflects the Government's commitment to achieve the goal of realising a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable nation based on the spirit of Keluarga Malaysia.

  4. The Government has always prioritised the private sector as a development partner. In this regard, the Government calls upon the private sector to continue to be the key driver of growth through a number of specific initiatives and support that will be provided. In addition, business support ecosystem will be strengthened to increase labour market productivity and efficiency.

  5. Private sector involvement will be promoted, especially through quality investment in identified high potential industries to enable the industry to move up the value chain. In addition, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) with great potential will be strengthened to be the backbone of the nation's development. MSMEs will be encouraged to modernise businesses through adoption of advanced technology and digitalisation, thus increasing opportunities to explore global markets.

  6. The Government will also not neglect aspects related to inclusive development. The agenda to address poverty issues as well as bridge the gap between income group, race and region will continue to be a priority. Aspects of the wellbeing of Keluarga Malaysia, which include safety, health, housing and the unity of the rakyat will also be enhanced. In addition, the empowerment of Bumiputera and development in less developed states will continue to be emphasised. In ensuring Sabah and Sarawak are not left behind in development, special focus will be given to improve the provision of basic infrastructure and services to support faster economic growth.

  7. The agenda on green development will continue to be emphasised. This is to ensure that the nation's development planning takes into account environmental sustainability, making Malaysia a low carbon country. A more comprehensive approach will be implemented with the wider involvement of the private sector, civil society organisations and the rakyat. The implementation of this approach will be able to address the effects of climate change and conserve the nation’s biodiversity resources for the benefit of present and future generations.

  8. Focus will also be given to strengthening ecosystems that support economic growth and attract quality investment, including developing skilled talent, providing better infrastructure and utilities and encouraging industries to innovate and adopt technology. In addition, the Government will continue to ensure efficient and effective delivery of public services by enhancing digitalisation in the public sector. Strong administration, integrity and transparency of the civil service will also be strengthened.

  9. The Twelfth Plan will lay a strong foundation in building a high-tech and high-income nation with more equitable distribution. This is to enable Keluarga Malaysia to achieve a more united, harmonious and dignified nation by putting aside all differences and celebrating diversity.

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